Therapies in Psychology

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Stemming from, Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, he believed that a person’s past experiences can influence their thoughts and behaviour in later life. Therapist will dig into your past and try to interpret the dreams linking them to your present difficulties. This therapy is suitable for wide range of issues including depression and anxiety.

Person-Centered therapy: Here, the client is considered to be able to solve the issues themselves given the right conditions. Here the counsellor shows unconditional positive regard (UPR), which is basicaly non judgemental warmth and acceptance and listening.

Gestalt Therapy: The gestalt therapist pay close attention to the client’s body language and encourage you to speak based on what he interpret. There will be role playing and creativity as well. There is a technique called “empty chair” where the client will assume that a person with whom he has issues sitting there and will interact with him.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This therapy is goal oriented. For example starting to drive again after a road accident. OCD can also be treated with this therapy.